DRA commentary on the EU Insolvency Proposal

On 7 December 2022, the European Commission published its proposal for a directive on the harmonisation of certain aspects of insolvency law (the Insolvency Proposal). In light of the aims and goals of the DRA, the Commission International and the Commission for Knowledge Development brought together some fifteen members of the DRA to write short commentaries which aim to introduce the proposed provisions in the Insolvency Proposal. The publication provides a background to the Insolvency Proposal, with a short overview of its subject-matter, accompanied with commentaries on all topics addressed in the Insolvency Proposal.

A hard copy of the publication was presented by the initiator thereof, Bob Wessels, to Marte Knigge and Laurien Montagne of the Ministry of Justice & Security during the expert meeting, organised by the Commission for Knowledge Development, which took place on Wednesday 5 April 2023 (see the post on this page).

We thank all the authors, the editors (Lilian Welling-Steffens, Karen Harmsen and Omar Salah) and the initiator (Bob Wessels) for the dedication and effort to deliver, in some three months, this publication. We hope that the contributions from our members provide food for thought and spark discussions on these topics to improve the quality of our Dutch restructuring regime.

The full publication will be made available on the website of the DRA very soon.

Lilian Welling-Steffens

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